Tuesday, August 19, 2014

So, today I feel quite emotional in a very good way. I feel great changes happening in our world within and without. I take this day to honor my beautiful, blessed and now released grandmother, Mary Trovillion Vancil on her 100th birthday. She set herself free 12 days ago and I've felt her each day in some way. I know she's now assisting me along my path to help mankind awaken to who we truly are. This beautiful BEing embodied unconditional love, and non-judgement.. I accept these qualities as my own as I let go of all that is not LOVE.. I accept the assistance of all of creation to embody these aspects within myself. I thank you Grandma and honor your journey as it was here on Earth and in the Heavens now :)♥     You are young and free and lovingly powerful again!!

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