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Ashtar and Others on our Ascension

August 16, 2014 - Ashtar and Milton Cooper --- After 18 years in the intelligence of the American Navy, Milton William Cooper was killed Nov. 5, 2001 (see our pages: The terrible fate of Milton W. Cooper and The Milton W. Cooper revelations) for, among others, tried to tell the world the real reasons of another murder, that of President John F. Kennedy November 22, 1963.

Despite the 38 years between these two murders and very different scenarios set up for their execution, they were actually both sponsored by the same group of individuals, whose leaders have been trying for decades to prevent the Ashtar Command to complete his glorious mission: to awaken the people of the Earth to the Christ consciousness and open the path to Ascension.

Light and Darkness remain for some time, inextricably intertwined on this planet. And it is almost impossible to understand the extraordinary work Ashtar Sheran today, Sananda and all our brothers and sisters of the Agreement participating in the mission of Ascension, without knowledge of facts that occurred during the recent history of our humanity.

So back a few decades back ...

From the late 1940s, a significant number of aliens became interested in our planet for various and sometimes contradictory reasons. Some wanted to help us, others on the contrary make us their slaves and turn us into human cattle. However, any passage of a quantum reality fifth dimension to a 3D reality some risk. According to Milton Cooper, between January 1947 and December 1952, 13 vessels aliens crashed in the United States. 13 of these wrecks, 65 bodies of dead aliens and a survivor type "non-humanoid" were recovered. The American government, led by President Truman decided to keep these extraterrestrial incursions as secret as possible. He did everything in his power to discredit the many reports of UFO sightings and launched a disinformation campaign directed to the general public. This policy was framed by the Air Force and the CIA.

In 1953, Eisenhower became president. During the first year of his term, at least 10 alien spacecraft crashed in the United States and the wreckage was found in their 26 dead aliens and four survivors, all of type "non-humanoid". The same year, hundreds of eyewitness accounts of UFOs were reported in the United States. And a team of American astronomers claimed to have identified in the three objects moving towards Earth before taking a very high orbit around the equator area. These three UFOs were obviously huge spaceships.

It was at this time that an alien-human group appeared for the first time in the United States. These aliens presented themselves to the government of the United States under the name "Ashtar Command 'd' and identified themselves as representatives of an alien community" supra-physical. "They exhorted the leaders of the Pentagon not to establish contact with the vessels orbiting the equator. At the same time, they offered protection against the threat these vessels accounted for in their earthly humanity, and their assistance in our spiritual development.

They also put the American government warning against any development of our economy making use of nuclear energy, but offered no alternative technology, claiming that humanity must first learn how to properly handle what she had already possession and it was still spiritually incapable. They were convinced that we would use any new technology to destroy ourselves. As they say on a path of self-destruction, we need more spiritual than technology. However, they were willing to give us a technological assistance if the United States and its allies agreed to destroy all their nuclear arsenal. They explained that we must stop killing each other and that we should now learn to live in harmony with each other. Finally, representatives of the Ashtar Command began the American authorities warn against all economic activities leading to pollute the Earth and rape to remove its natural resources.

The President of the United States then decided to reject the warnings of the Ashtar Command and allowed instead to representatives of vessels in orbit around the equator landing on Edwards AFB. These visitors were reptilian gray skin. Since then, they are called "the Grey." The president decided to keep all trade secrets of American soldiers with the strange being, and made sure that Congress and the American people know nothing about. He even went further and knowingly enfreignit its constitutional mandate by signing a secret treaty with them. This treaty allowed the Americans to take advantage of some very advanced technologies held by Gray, in exchange for the opportunity that was given to them to study human DNA to improve their own species. The treaty also gave permission for Gray to kidnap American citizens for limited operations vivisection, as long as their health does not directly have to suffer and at the end of the operation, they are brought back to the place of removal without being able to remember what they had to endure.

Finally, the treaty allowed Gray to have access to underground bases in the United States to conduct their operations, and the Americans, using the ships and technology to build Grey bases on other planets in our solar system . The truth about these bases was discovered by a British television crew investigating the "brain drain" (the brain drain). In particular, they discovered that the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union was a mounting cover for diverting attention from the media and people of both countries of certain of their staffs military in association with extraterrestrials. They discovered that prominent scientists had been abducted by aliens to study their brains, as settlement activities slaves took place on the Moon and Mars and all inconvenient witnesses were systematically eliminated. This amazing deal was presented in 1977 on British television as a documentary, and then developed in a book called "Alternative 3".

Although certain information concerning these covert operations with Gray eventually circulate, they are generally remained until today one of the best kept secrets in the history of the United States. Milton Cooper stated in 2001, before being killed himself, that when President Kennedy revealed to some members of his government that he was aware of all this, he considered it his duty to speak to Congress and the nation and would do so in a great TV spot, we stopped him by assassination in Dallas.

Cooper reported a story about it quite funny! The fact that Congress had not been informed of the secret American military liaison with Grey, finance joint operations was a major problem. This problem was solved for years by siphoning money from budgets for the space program. But as the misappropriated funds were increasingly huge and therefore levies increasingly difficult to conceal, from the 70s, it was decided to raise the money through the CIA importing drugs from to South America via the extraction of oil platforms off the coast of Texas. According Cooper, the senior official who approved the operation of drug trafficking, is the same one who later became President of the United States, before moving a few years later over to his son!

After the refusal of the American government to work with the Ashtar Command, the Brothers of the area decided to apply directly to the American people by replacing the recording of the sound in various television and radio band with a spiritual message . This same procedure was then repeated in other countries. In England, for example, January 8, 1971, during a radio show hosted by Rex Dutta during which listeners could intervene directly by phone, and then he thought a call from a British listener, the presenter found himself despite him being broadcast on the air a strange "Message from a flying saucer." This message was recorded and the text published the following year in the book of the same title.

Another time, November 26, 1977, reached a representative of Ashtar Sheran to make its voice heard to many viewers in London and the southeast of England during the newscast early evening on ITV. It seems that five different issuers were "requisitioned", if you will, for the occasion. Television Engineers were unable to stop the delivery of his message, which lasted more than 5 minutes; all their monitoring instruments indicated that the issuance was following its normal course!

The chain managers did their best to convince viewers that the incident was just a bad joke and tried to destroy the recording of the show. But Rex Dutta managed to get a copy on cassette. Message text was finally published in the January issue of 1978 from its monthly news journal Viewpoint Aquarius (Viewpoint Aquarius).

The message said:

"We are talking now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over your planet Earth. We just warn you of the destiny of your race and your world, so you can communicate with your fellow humans the way that you should follow to avoid disasters which threaten your world and the beings that are part of the worlds around you . We tell you this so you can take part in the great revival when the Earth will enter the New Age of Aquarius.

The New Age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race, but this will only be possible if your leaders are aware of the negative forces that cloud their judgment.

Be quiet and listen, because the opportunity may not arise again. For many years your scientists, your governments and generals have refused to heed our warnings. They continued to experiment with the evil forces you call nuclear energy. Atomic bombs can destroy the Earth and the beings of your brothers worlds in an instant. Waste systems operating with nuclear energy will poison your planet for many thousands of your years to come.

We who follow the path of evolution for far longer than you have realized how nuclear energy is always directed against life. There can be no peaceful application of this energy. Its use and research devoted to it should be abandoned immediately; otherwise you may be all destroyed. All weapons must be eliminated. The time for conflict is over. Race you belong can now access the higher planes of evolution, if you will show worthy.

The time that you have to learn to live together in peace and goodwill is very short. Small groups spread across the globe, you will be trained to transmit light of the nascent New Age. You are free to accept or reject their teachings, but only those who learn to live in peace will pass into the higher realms of spiritual evolution.

Also be aware that there are many false prophets and guides operating in your world. They will suck your energy - the energy you call money - they will use it for nefarious purposes and what they give you in return will have no value. Your inner divine being can protect you against that. You must learn to be more sensitive to the voice within that can tell you what is truth and what is confusion, chaos and untruth. Learn to listen to the voice of truth which is within you and you guide yourself on the path of evolution.

This is our message to our dear friends. We've watched them grow for many years as you have also observed our lights in your skies. You know now that we are there and that there are more beings on and around your Earth than your scientists are willing to admit. We are very concerned about you and are concerned about your journey to the Light.

Do not be afraid. Because we will do everything we can to help you. Search only to know you and to live in harmony with the laws of your planet Earth.

We, the members of the Ashtar Galactic Command, thank you for your attention. We will now leave the plans of your existence.

Be blessed by the Supreme Love and Truth of the One. "

Since that historic message the emissaries of the Ashtar Command chose to speak to humanity primarily lever channeling. Of course, any information from telepaths and human channels should a priori be treated with caution. But for those of us who have worked to improve their inner listening and strengthening their discernment, many messages thus transmitted from vessels of the Ashtar Command need to be treated with care, respect and humility.

The most significant channeled under the leadership of the Ashtar Command messages were transmitted into the 1980s by Herbert Victor Speer under the Mediale Friedenskreis, scientific research association telepathic he founded in Berlin just after the Second World War. Speer, who had developed an operating technique of automatic writing to transcribe with amazing accuracy of messages captured in the fourth and fifth dimensions, presented extraordinary revelations about Métharia planet with two suns (belonging to Alpha Centauri system), where the lives of people with Ashtar Sheran Santiniens is the head, on their amazing astronautical propulsion systems and the current mission to the humanity of those people who have over us a technological lead of about 12,000 years.

Then, from 1986, an American named Eric Klein 's who took his torch in Santa Cruz, California. Eric began to consciously channel the guidelines Ashtar Command, and from 1988 he began to channel public and organize evenings weekly meeting with him until that day in January 1990 when he was asked to pass a course on the theme of the Ascension.

It was in November 1991 that the great American physicist David Ash heard the five cassettes of this course for the first time. He was then in Queensland at the beginning of a speaking tour in Australia. Starting from a study he had conducted on the physics of vortex, he had arrived in the early 70s to the deduction that the physical Ascension was possible, as an alternative to the process of death, and he had already, in 1975, the opportunity to explain how he planned the process of physical ascension through the creation of an energy spiral, at a conference podium Michael Faraday of the Royal Institute of Great Britain (Royal Institute of Great Britain).

In 1977, in his allegory, "The Tower of Truth" (The Tower of Truth), he had already mentioned this idea to explain the Ascension of Christ, and in 1990, in Science of the Gods (The Science of the Gods) he had applied to various biblical and mythical characters. Cassettes Eric Klein made him realize that Ascension and physical immortality could happen to us all and to each of us today, not only affect certain people more or less legendary belonging to a past gone.

The hypothesis of David Ash seemed confirmed by the book of Dr. James Hurtak entitled "The Keys of Enoch" and published in 1973, in which the American researcher explained how he had himself been exempt from the effects of physical space and time through the Ascension process before receiving the 64 Keys of Enoch. But one of the keys of Enoch has just David Ash as the founder of the new astrophysics!

NOTE: Keys Enoch (1973) 's is a philosophical text as well as a metaphysical code. He recounts the experience of a higher consciousness on how the human race is permanently connected to the evolving structure of an immanent universal Intelligence. This connection is established through the 64 sectors that comprise the Science of the future. The assumptions in the Keys of Enoch seem to be confirmed by the latest developments in quantum physics.

A few years later, a telepath named Solara went around the world to explain the importance of the January 11, 1992 and stated that it was important to celebrate this day, because that would open a door for interdimensional Ascension. Thousands of people answered his call and formed a network from Egypt to New Zealand and Great Britain to Australia, to the Americas, to celebrate the beginning of a twenty year period during Ascension which could take place for the Earth and its inhabitants.

According channeled by Eric Klein messages and those who followed him (Monique Mathieu Cathy Muller through David Wilcock and many others), the Ashtar Command is an action force operating in the fifth dimension on behalf of a huge community of supra-physical beings known as the Great White Brotherhood or Galactic Brotherhood. Many members of the Great White Brotherhood have incarnated at different times on Earth as leaders, teachers and healers and they are known to their peers as different from those they used in those specific missions names.

The Ashtar Command is working right now to help the Ascension of the Earth, humans and his other life forms, under the command of Sananda. Sananda is the supreme leader, along with the primary responsibility for this ascension process. In fact, Sananda lived on Earth there are about 2000 years, when it was known as Jesus Christ. The intervention force it controls is actually led by Ashtar Sheran, a being whose level of development is similar to that of Sananda. Ashtar Sheran is a specialist in the Ascension process and works alongside Sananda as coordinator and technical adviser.

All recent predictions of Ascension revolve around a few simple ideas: we come to the end of a cycle; Earth is for the Ascension, but given the threat of destruction hanging over it, the later stage of the evolution of our planet can not be delayed further. A choice is offered today so we either we ascensionnons with the Earth, or we stay behind changes in the physical universe and continue the cycle of birth and death on other planets. If we want to live the Ascension three occasions we were, we are and we will be offered. These three opportunities are described by telepaths as "three waves of Ascension." These three waves, as well as cleaning of its own prior to Ascension and its recreation planet, should in principle take place by the end of 2012.

A first wave of Ascension, anticipated for several thousand people, has already taken place. Another is about to begin and could affect millions of people worldwide. It coincides with the early stages of major geophysical changes announced in the great prophecies and triggered by astronomical anomalies.

The third wave, expected before the end of 2012, will represent the last opportunity qu'auront people to awaken to the opportunity of Ascension. This third wave will be accompanied by the physical removal of animals and that of innocent children and adults who are not ready to ascend, but nevertheless desire to leave the planet before its ultimate purification.

In the tapes on Ascension Eric Klein 's, Sananda is presented as a human being who began a personal journey of Ascension at the end of his life on Earth. But in doing so, he laid the way for a human mass ascension at the time that we are experiencing today. Its current mission is to help us make the quantum leap into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Those ascensionneront not die and never grow old. They no longer suffer from the disease or limitations that are still part of our current physical life on Earth.

In his messages, Sananda has repeatedly insisted on the fact that Ascension is an opportunity that occurs only rarely on the scale of cosmic time, whereas it is now accessible to every human being incarnated on our planet, whatever their race, skin color, rank or creed. That is why we must take advantage of this gift that is currently available to all men and all women freed from fear and hatred, if they have a loving heart.

To ascend, everyone should begin by loving him and loving others unconditionally, and then adopt a certain detachment vis-à-vis the things of this world. It is also important to appreciate and respect the Creator - whatever the perception that we have of Him.

To prepare for ascend, the Brothers and Sisters of Space suggest practicing yoga and breathing exercises. All yoga or relaxation techniques are good, provided they achieve inner calm and develop harmony. Sananda also insists there is no need to belong to a religion or a spiritual community to ascend; we must first engage with confidence on the path of universal love.

In the teachings transmitted by the Ashtar Command, Eric Klein explains that when Ascension will happen to us, it will happen without warning. Suddenly, a light opening appears, and this can occur both in a state of sleep than wakefulness. To ascend the time comes, the person will simply step into the Light.

To facilitate the process of Ascension, members of the Ashtar Command will use organic body of fifth dimension. In the Keys of Enoch, these vehicles are called "Merkabah." The Merkabah is used by the body to be in the fifth quantum reality, in the same way as the physical body are used by embodied beings in the physical universe. The only difference is that the Merkabah coordinates the Higher Self with the human body. The Merkabah can take many forms. Sometimes they appear as a halo - an aura or light wrap - associated with the energy of a spiritual Master. Other times they are manifested in the form of a column or a pyramid of light. Kabbalists describe as a spiritual body or light body.

The Merkabah is a kind of spiritual vehicle for every human soul to merge with the higher self in the fifth dimension or fifth quantum reality. But it is also an interdimensional spacecraft ascended beings that gives unlimited freedom of movement across the Universe. It is for this reason that in the Keys of Enoch, it is called "the vehicle of vehicles." This vehicle allows travel between different dimensions through the Light; it can project a system of life or galaxy in the system or galaxy life of another universe in and out of physical space and time. He can do, because this car has the ability to move faster than the speed of our light.

The chariot of fire took Elijah was actually a Merkabah. Jesse and Ézékhiel saw them as a Merkabah and described it as "wheels within wheels". It was also a Merkabah which, hidden by a lenticular cloud, carried Jesus Christ to Devachan during his Ascension. And it's even a fleet of Merkabah which will lift humanity out of physical space and time, over the three waves of Ascension. The ships of the Ashtar Command are not, strictly speaking, vessels, in the physical sense of the term.

Some words such as "ship" or "Command" (Command) are only metaphors defined by a consensus among the people of today, the same way that expressions such as "Chariots of Fire" or "angels adults "were used in the distant past.

The body of the fifth dimension, or Merkabah, appear to mediums such as bio-satellites extending for miles in all directions, just like the eyes of the microbe, the physical body may look like a huge universe. The Merkabah can contain internal modified atmosphere to suit its occupants, as well as entire ecosystems, oceans, lakes and mountains, with simulated days and nights. They operate through a living embodied technology is far ahead of anything that modern man can understand. So, it's not hard metal vessels, but by green lush organic, and especially "live"!

The Merkabah manifest in the physical universe, to evacuate and raising vibrational humans, animals and plants, each time a planetary ecosystem collapses. Millions of Merkabah currently waiting for the moment to come down and materialize in physical space and time to evacuate Earth when the third wave of Ascension. Physical evacuation will be offered to those who wish to avoid destruction, when the Earth will enter the final phase of its transition to the status of Ascended planet.

Before the physical evacuation, those who will be prepared for Ascension will be "transported" in a Merkabah through a process of teleportation described in Keys of Enoch as "the transvirulence" and in The Science of the Gods (Science of the Gods) as "transubstantiation." Each individual will disappear from the physical space and time when it will enter the opening of Light on the end of teleportation beam. The moment it penetrate into the beam, it will be teleported into the fifth "paradise" dimension.

The second phase of the Ascension process can take place during any of the three waves of Ascension. The second phase consists of the transmutation of the physical body ascended body of fifth dimension. The Ashtar Command predicted that those who would be part of the first wave of Ascension have the opportunity to return to Earth as ascended beings to awaken the rest of humanity to this possibility of Ascension.

The Keys of Enoch show that prediction and report the sudden appearance of 144,000 Ascended Masters on Earth, which will transform the world and will push the clouds of darkness and despair. The appearance of 144.000 Masters is also announced in the ancient prophecies of the Maya Indians. According to Professor Harley Swifdeer, it is part of the ancient Mayan calendars that "shortly before the end of time (2012 according to our own schedule), 144,000 teachers illuminated by the Sun Dance awaken fully in their dream body-mind. They will begin to meet in their own wheels feathered serpent or winged serpent (merkabah) and become a force majeure Light, able to help the rest of humanity to dance awakening from his dream. "

This also provides an explanation for the existence of the 144,000 elect mentioned in the Apocalypse of St. John. Chapter 7 of the Apocalypse indeed refers to a variety as possible, from all nations and dressed in what John perceived as white dresses. This could be a description of the light body of all those who, following the awakening of 144,000, will amount to turn in the Light during the second and third wave of Ascension. Jean also said that it is those who have been "cleaned" (purified) by the time of great distress, a period of seven years of great tribulation. This allegory refers to various natural disasters predicted as inevitable as they also aim to allow the Earth itself to cleanse the evils of industrial civilization and its pollution before his own ascension.

The Ascension is the culmination of all the self-transformation process that human beings undertake through their successive physical incarnations on Earth. It corresponds to the final resurrection and is an integral part of the belief structure of many of the world religions. It is accessible to all those who recognize and respect the Creator - who can be known only as Love and Light - and accept his pervading reality.

Preparing for Ascension can be done through any spiritual practice, or even simply living a simple, good and just life. All information channeled in recent years emphasize the fact that what a person believes is far less important than how that person lives and put into practice what she believes. This information also indicates clearly that no religious group has a monopoly of truth.

If our dogmas were not tarnished by religious intolerance and bigotry, if Ascension was finally seen as an evolutionary step necessary and unavoidable, it seems clear that personal rather than religious beliefs qualities would establish the criteria necessary for this great quantum leap that we are all called to do.

Everyone is a potential candidate for Ascension, but only those who are prepared will be able to make the leap. For thousands of years, our religions have promised a spiritual life after death to those who are willing to submit to their exclusive ideologies. Science, in response to religion, has denied all spiritual things and all forms of life after death. Science now needs to be saved from skepticism, as religion needs to be saved from bigotry. The Ascension is however based on scientific and religious principles; it is a biophysical process that offers an alternative to the blind slavery orchestrated by our religions.

We all need a path of truth and knowledge that can save us from the ties that bind us to the physical plane of existence and the endless round of death and rebirth, forcing us to suffer from aging and disease. The Science of Vortex, the Science of Ascension is now the only path that can lead humanity to true life, life without death in the universe to which we already belong.

Based on the extraordinary testimony of David Ash
Translation / Adaptation: Alain Goomaghtigh / Olivier Rouvroy (December 2004)

Copyright © 2007 - - All rights reserved
 — with Crystal Galactic Vortex.

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